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    The company profile introduction:Jizhong is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, operation and service, with a number of subsidiary companies including Xi'an Jizhong  Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Shaanxi Jizhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Jizhong is famous for their strong R & D capability and the pursuit of excellent quality. The company has been closely following the latest developments of CATV networks at home and abroad, striving to provide customers with digital communications equipment and HFC network equipment complying with the latest standards. It has a number of professionals dedicated to the production and research of CATV as well as the automated production lines. After years of hard work, the company has grown into a vital force with the highest competitiveness and market influence. In June 2009, Jizhong was recognized as a director unit of the “digital cable television application technology laboratory of the SARFT”.

    Xi'an Jizhong Digital Communications Ltd.:Xi'an Jizhong Digital Communications Ltd. is located at No. 1, New Industry Park in Xi'an High-tech Zone. It consists of Technical R&D Department, Software Development Department, product testing Department, Product Manufacturing Department, Quality Control Department, Marketing Department and other functional Departments; it has a number of advanced fully visual automatic chip production lines imported from abroad, automatic infrared carrier welding production lines, automatic molding plug production lines, automatic multi-temperature wave-soldering production lines, automatic cyclic assembly production lines and 200m2 high/low temperature aging rooms and other production environments.
The main product categories are basic digital front-end hardware, digital TV set-top boxes, and digital TV operation support software systems, covering MPEG-2 single-channel and multi-channel compression code, TS stream receivers, transport stream re-multiplexers, data scramblers, QAM modulators, QPSK modulators, stream distributors, network adapters, DVB-S STBs, DVB-C STBs, DMB-T terrestrial wireless digital STBs, CAS conditional access systems, SMS user management systems, and DBS data broadcasting systems.
Shaanxi Jizhong Technology Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Jizhong Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the electronic industrial park of Xi’an High-tech Zone, consisting of R & D Center, Testing Center, Commissioning Center, Quality Management Department, Marketing Department and other functional departments, with two automatic production lines, a wave soldering production line, and 10 lines photovoltaic process production lines.
    The major products include 1550nm optical transmitter, 1550nm optical amplifier, 1310nm optical transmitter, optical workstations, optical receivers, two-way trunk amplifiers, EOC equipment, HFC network device management software and other optical transmission products, in which the optical transmitters have been occupying the first place in China since 2005 in terms of production and export volumes. The company is the only one of its kind in China that can produce more than 1,000 optical transmitter units monthly, and the outputs of optical stations and optical receivers rank among the top three in the industry. The company has imported more than 140 testers of famous brands, such as, Agilent, Tektronix, EXFO, FLUKE and other brands. Jizhong Electronic passed the ISO-9001 Quality Management System in 2001, strictly implementing the import of the 9000 Quality Control System in design, development, production, operation, service and other aspects.
In 2002, Jizhong was recognized as the largest application provider of CATV modules in the Chinese market in the Asia Pacific Region by the Dutch company PHILLPS. In 2003, it was awarded with the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate”; in 2004, it was awarded with the “Certificate of Xi'an Famous Brand” by the People's Government of Xi'an, and became a high-tech enterprise enjoying the right to operate independent imports and exports. During the time from 2006 to 2008, the company has been awarded with the “Best Partner Certificate” PHILLPS Semiconductors for three consecutive years, and was granted with the “Gold Customer Award” by ORTEL in the U.S.; in 2006, president of AOI granted the” Highest Star Customer Award” to Jizhong. The comprehensive functions of the company’s optoelectronic products and their high indicators and high reliability in use have won an extensive reputation for the company.
    Xi'an Jizhong Cables Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Jizhong Cables Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of physical foaming coaxial cables, which was established to meet customers’ needs for supporting products. The company has production workshops covering an area of more than 5000 square meters, three cable production lines and advanced testing instruments. The cable products have reached the domestic leading level.
    In the fierce market competitions, Jizhong has formed its own sales network and technical support centers in the country; it has also established long-term good relations of cooperation with CATV stations and Internet companies in most provinces and municipalities.