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The development process of the company
      Sep. 2007, company had its first original CAS, SMS and DBS, and meanwhile, provided MPEG-2 single mode and 4 mode encoder, multi-stream multiplexer, standard digital scrambler, QAM modulator and digital front-end products. Jizhong finished building and managing digital front-end equipments and CA, SMS, DBS in Xijiang Shawan, Shanshan, Barkol, etc. In the same year, digital SD STB DCR-600 based on Sunplus and Haier chips was applied to Hebei Guye, liaoning Panjin, Sichuan Rongxian county, Xijiang Shawan, Shanshan, Barkol. It’s also the first case of self-developed Uygur language applied successfully to digital STB.
      Jan. 2009, digital SD STB DCR-600J, which was developed with Motorola Company based on HM, successfully applied to Shaanxi digital transformation project. It sold 320, 000 pieces during 6 months and also became the main digital terminal products operator for Shaanxi TV & Broadcast. In May, introduced Samsung new SM321 full vision SMT automatic production line.
      July 2008, company won the bid of Shaanxi TV & broadcast network. Digital SD STB DCR-600N based on NEC platform got the 30% of Shaanxi market by its high performance and market approval and sold 230,000 pieces in a short period, which helped Jihzong ranked as one of domestic provincial operators. Meantime, company was named the provincial high-tech enterprises.  
      In order to scale up the production and capture the market, company introduced Samsung CP45 full vision SMT automatic production line in Dec. 2007, which built a foundation for large scale production.
      June 2009, Jizhong joined Shaanxi TV & Broadcast standard establishment, namely “digital set-top box hardware & software design”, was was regarded as the member of State Administration of Radio Film and Television(SARFT) of cable digital TV technology laboratory. Jizhong became the business partner of Huawei and Hisilicon by DCR-800J & DCR-800H and dual CAS successfully developed. Meantime, DCR-600HD SD two-way STB was applied to Shandong market, got the orders from Pingdu, Jimo, and Laizhou TV & Broadcast company. Jizhong was assessed as re-contract and trustworthy enterprise.
      May 2010, to meet the market requirements, Jizhong developed HD interactive STB, which was based on ST S40 kernel supported MPEG2/4/H.264 video format and Dolby STi7162 supported. This was one of the few operators who can develop HD interactive products on a provincial level and sharded over 40% market, which made it became a model of HD product in Shaanxi market. Then Jizhong became a leader company in STB industry and also partner of ST. Annual sales was up to 125 million. Company got a honorary certificate of Xi’an private company. In June 2010, it was introduced to NXT high-speed automatic production line, which showed the full automatic production assembly line was got started.
      Jan. 2011, company developed enhanced HD interactive STB based on Huawei Hisilicon Cortex A9 processor and embedded original multi-media broadcasting software system. This product was applied to Shangdong and Shaanxi market. The same year, in order to coordinate with national wireless DTMB standard, company successfully developed wireless MPEG2 receiver and applied it to Shaanxi and Shanxi, etc.
      June 2012, HD high performance SD STB DCR-900SD, the first dual core CPU+GPU was developed, which became a recommended 3D HD STB by Shaanxi TV & Broadcast and the first STB model that can automatically transfer from 2D/3D to HD two-way STB. Meanwhile, HD two-way DCR-960S was developed. It not only had a good sales in domestic market and also successfully explored the overseas India New Delhi market. Meanwhile, company developed DTMB wireless terrestrial multi-channels STB DCR-600F based on Fujitsu MPIS according to the requirement of wireless terrestrial STB market and H.264 encoding transmission. Annual sales was up to 168 million Yuan. Same year in September, Jizhong digital terminal industrial park construction project was established with the support and concern from government of Xi’an and high tech district, which marked company entered a new development stage. It was also be assessed as “innovative research and development center of small and medium enterprises”.
      March 2013, in order to response the national call for energy saving and expand the company's product form, series of energy-saving product was been developed. It got the national utility patent certificate and the product got the national 3C certificate. In September, 980H, a high performance price ratio STB was developed and its annual sale quantity was up to 400,000. At same time, company developed an OTT HD STB ⅠCbox based on ARM Cortex A9, and successfully developed AVS DCR-600T terrestrial wireless set-top box. It cooperated with Beijing Tongfang Legendsilicon Technology Co., Ltd. Product sold to seven provinces prefecture-level city Shaanxi, Shandong, Henan, etc. Same year in Dec., according to the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and Television launched the smart TV operating system V1.0 TVOS, the company once again become a cooperative development of Shaanxi radio and television TVOS intelligent terminal. Xi'an municipal government as the same period was rated Xi'an private technology enterprises".
      In 2014, in order to enter the smart home industry, the company adhered to the diversified development strategy. Multi sensor access series of stand-alone version of the dimming, color LED lamps and lanterns and wireless dual protocol were successfully developed. WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth wireless communication technology of smart home gateway products, was identified by NXP semiconductor companies as intelligent lighting products strategic partners. Meanwhile, DCR-980S, DCR-980HD built-in WiFi and Bluetooth function for the high performance price ratio products were still launched. Same year in May, HD smart device 550H based on TVOS was developed. H.264 standard DTMB+OTT terrestrial wireless HD DVB+OTT HD digital STB based on TVOS and Android was also successfully developed. With its superior performance and quality was named "Xi'an famous brand”. 
      April 2015, in order to utilize the capital market, to achieve great leap forward development of the company, so company planned to prepare for National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ). In August, joint-stock reform was completed, company name officially changed from Xi’an Jizhong Digital Communication Co., Ltd to Xi’an Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Company adhered to the "living culture" construction as the center, in the video + Internet service entrance, to build smart Home Furnishing ecosystem to intelligent gateway as the core concept. The successful development of the HD STB model met the multi-access, multi-protocol communication, multi-service integrated intelligent home gateway based on 4K HD and Intelligent Cloud terminal eight core architecture. A new generation of high-definition set-top boxes and other ground double GB series of intelligent terminal products were developed. With the national NGB and the construction of the triple play business, family 1+1 and three in one terminal business solutions, Live TV, VOD, network video, broadband Internet access, WIFI were directly provided for customers. Which built a foundation for further expansion of product coverage, radio and television and the Internet to market operators.
      In January 2016, the company successfully listed on NEEQ with the stock code: 835316. At the same time, the company was recognized by the Xi'an municipal government as "municipal enterprise technology center". March 2016, Jizhong technology industrial park will be officially completed. The introduction five high-speed automated production line from Samsung and Panasonic will be put into operation. Xi'an Jizhong is about to enter the new era of rapid development!