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    Our company has a strong technical force, adequate after-sales service team and professional technical experts to tailor-made your required products. Superior engineers provide you careful test, and sales team give you best services. Remote hot line service is for you any time. Efficiency, decisiveness, accuracy, thoroughness are what we pursue. Our objective is to meet customer satisfaction with our service.
Detailed Information:
1.We have service network in nationwide cities so efficient and quality service can be provided.
2.Company has theoretical and practical training regularly so that the skills of our after-sales teams can be improved.
3.Remote service: You questions or problems can be solved by telephone or network.
4.On-site service: We’ll give a clear solution within an hour since the written file received.
5. Service hot line: 029-88889901 118(Extension) or 029-88220111 138(Extension)
General Service Policy:
1. General principle: Product warranty is 12 months. Within the warranty period, we will free to repair and replace damaged parts. Out of the warranty period, we will have to calculate the charge of damaged parts.
2. The efficiency of the service: Within or out of warranty, our after-sales maintenance technician can repair on site within 24 hours. 
3. Product damage due to the defects of products design and production, we will be responsible to provide you with our similar products for free. 
4. The following situation is exception of warranty.
(1) man-made damage;
(2) irregular the installation or damage caused by improper use;
(3) mix use with brand product;
(4) damage caused by force majeure;
(5) damage caused by by other non-quality reason.
Common Problem
STB Common Problem and Troubleshooting
1. Power indicator light is off. 
A. Cause: power supply or adapter is damaged; power line is not well plugged.
B. solution: check the power line is well plugged or not, or replace the power adapter.
2. Mosaic
A. Cause: the signal line is not plugged well; power supply damaged; the set-top box fault.
B. Solution: check the signal lines; check and repair set-top box at service center nearby. 
3.No audio output
A.Cause: wrong setting; wrong AV line plugged; STB or TV is on mute mode; STB fault.
B.Reason: Change to left audio channel; change STB setting; check AV line; repair STB at service center  
4.No video output
A.Cause: wrong AV line connection; TV fault
B.Reason: check AV line connection; check TV problems
5. Blue Screen
A. Cause: wrong video setting; power supply problem or STB fault
B. Reason: adjust video to video mode or HDMI mode; change power adapter or check STB at service center
6.No signal
A.Cause: circuit fault or STB fault
B.Reason: call service hot line or check STB at service center nearby
7.Remote control doesn’t work
A.Cause: Battery is power off or wrong installed; there’s barrier or too big angles between STB and remote; infrared receiving head fault
B.Solution: change battery; change remote or check STB
8.Wrong aspect ratio
A. Cause: wrong in setting including TV setting
B. Solution: In system setting, change aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9
9. Cannot enter the interactive interface
A. Cause: the network parameter setting error, network fault, set-top box fault 
B. Solution: call customer service hot line; change getting IP manually  to automatically in the network setting 
10.Smart card cannot be recognized
A.Cause: wrong card inserting direction; smart card damaged; STB fault 
B.Solution: correctly insert smart card; change smart card or check STB
LED Intelligent Lighting Common Problem and Troubleshooting
1. Lamp does not lighten.
A. Cause: no external power supply; circuit breaker; switching power supply without power, automatic protection from circuit breaker
B. Solution: power transmission; transmission connection is loose; output and then input the male female head lamp 3-5 minutes, to reopen the power supply.
2. Light flashing
A. Cause: bad connection; switching power supply or lamp bead failure; too high or too low temperature; voltage instability and fluctuation; lighting circuit with transient high power devices access grid
B. Solution: find out the bad points, troubleshooting or replacement; switch power source plate; when the lamp works for a period of time, the system temperature will rise, and the flicker problem will be improved; adjust and check the power grid voltage
3. LED light goes off when its light on
A. Cause: low voltage or LED power does not match the LED lamp; poor LED panel quality; circuit failure; bad connection
B. Solution: adjust or replace the LED voltage power supply; change a reliable LED source; change circuit; improve the connection
4. LED lamp darkness
A. Cause: LED light water vapor or dust adsorption; LED light in its end of life or poor quantity LED light; LED power supply and the lamp is not matching; poor cooling ability to cause the high temperature
B. Solution: replace light, check whether there’s dust or steam; replace of LED light with higher quality; check whether the system is matching; properly use products at a specified ambient temperature
5. LED lamp short lifespan
A. Cause: high temperature; vibration caused by shedding of bead wire; connection or link error line connection problem; LED light bead quality problems
B. Solution: use LED light at indoor occasions; to reduce vibration and improve assembly position; improve the quality and reliable connection; replacement of LED lamps
6. Light too bright or too dark
A. Cause: voltage mismatch; LED power /LED lamp does not match;
B. solution: check and adjust the supply voltage; replace power supply or LED lamps
7. LED lamp or a light slow start is destroyed
A. Cause: wrong grounding or connection; too high temperature or voltage power supply to the over temperature protection lock; abnormal output circuit
B. Solution: change connection; improve ventilation or adjust the voltage; improve the output circuit, eliminate the abnormal issue
8. LED power supply noise;
A. Cause: too many lights in the same electrical circuit; noise caused by environmental factors; LED power supply
B. Solution: adjust the lamp number; adhere to the instruction of LED power and LED lights; light and power supply should be safety ground connection; replace of LED power supply
9.Leakage protection 
A. Causes: leakage protection switch is of too small use; the L line, N line and ground connection error or poor connected
B. Solution: increase the leakage protection switch protector which allows the current operating value
10. New LED light replaced does not brighten
A. Cause: abnormal output circuit, LED power supply protection; restart failure
B. Solution: 20~30 seconds to restart, to verify if it can start working 
Note: standalone LED lighting products, if the external power supply is directly referred to in addition to the power supply part is part of LED lamps
(1) To ensure LED light and flammable materials at least 0.3m distance. If embedded installation, to ensure that the installation is the zenith 3-4 cm high clearance to facilitate heat dissipation;
(2) Lights are not all installed inside the zenith, or heat source wall. Pay attention the low pressure and high pressure electric line separate routing;
(3) Installation should be subject to tension or shear force;
(4) Keep away from fire or high temperature object;
(5) Before cleaning, please be sure to turn off the power. Do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean;
(5) The product should be installed by trained electricians;
(6) If there is an external power supply wire must be above 1.5mm wire diameter.
(1) Non-waterproof product, is strictly prohibited direct exposure to outdoor, semi outdoor use;
(2) It is strictly prohibited to remove or modify the products;
(3) In the installation with power on is prohibited;
(4) Installation and maintenance personnel must be professional, and non professional personnel work is strictly prohibited;
(5) Please confirm the power supply voltage to meet the requirements of the power supply before the line is installed correctly;
(6) It does not apply to coated with insulation material;
(7) When exterior lamp cord or cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, or service team with the same qualification.
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