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         The top word of Smart Home which is hot outbreak in 2016, there is the concept in 2014 and the insipid in 2015, now the Smart Home has deeply entered to every fields of home life, clothing, food, housing, transportation, eating, drinking and excretion, intelligentized new model is coming out continually, Human Being is entering to the Smart House Age.


How to be a smart consumer in Smart Home Age?


       The revolution of intelligentized is occurring silently in the world in past two years, it can be called as The Fourth Technology Revolution after steam engine, electrification and informatization in human history. It push the human life from information age to intelligent age.

       The top word of Smart Home which is hot outbreak in 2016, there is the concept in 2014 and the insipid in 2015, now the Smart Home has deeply entered to every fields of home life, clothing, food, housing, transportation, eating, drinking and excretion, intelligentized new model is coming out continually, Human Being is entering to the Smart House Age. With the rapid industry development, high end products are coming out continually, smart house market is coming out with ten essential functions, which systems are you preferring for your loved home?


What is smart home?


       The industry scale of Smart Home has an obvious growth in building materials and home furniture market in the recent years. According to the relevant data shown that the scale of Smart Home market will reach to 180 billion. With the gradual perfection of smart home system platform, more and more industries join into the grand stage of Smart Home. However, in the multi-factors influence, Smart Home products popularity is hindered. Many people confused with smart home and smart home appliances, they think buying all kinds of smart home appliances which leading fashion trend is enjoying smart life, actually it’s not.

       Real Smart Home should be called smart butler accurately, it is like the Iron Man Jarvisis which is able to learn hosts living habit, talk to host, master hosts life rule, according to hosts work and rest time, it can automatically turn on and off the home appliances, no need people to control the switch and button in long-distance or designate place, it can work intelligentize completely. Like the Tas in the Interstellar, it can remind the host what happened in the home at the first time, extinguish the invade of the evildoer automatically, it can sound the alarm, lock door and turn off the light, and dial the emergency number etc.

       There is another mistaken concepts in consumption,Smart Home has been became an stereotype impression of luxury. Some manufacturers forced ripening” products, to get the morning market via high price, but let the consumers have more misunderstanding for the Smart Home and they think it can be owned by rich families only. In fact, installing an basic smart home system which include appliance control,intelligent illumination, intelligent security and electric curtain, it could cost less than 30-40 thousand which based on a normal two bedrooms and one living room.


So, what is Smart Home after all?


       To put it simply, Smart Home is the product which in the influence of internet. Every home device is connected by internet of things, in the scene of family physiotherapy, realize everything connected, controled by one terminal or sensing system. Through building smart service system solution, combined automatic system, computer network and network communication etc high-tech together house, which make the family life more healthy,low carbon, smart, comfortable and safe.


Smart Home ten essential functions


        Innovation ,Science and Technology are becoming the key of Home furnishing company to win the market in the wave of smart home, however the special customized home products are becoming more and more popular for the people who pursuit quality life. In the environment of internet and internet of things, these idiomatical smart terminal was connected and controled each other. The strong of home products in smart house in technology age, there is you cant image only and no they cant do. Besides entered thousands homes sweep robot, smart toilet lid etc terminal products, and the most popular fingerprint lock in the present and smart wardrobe……a function of Smart Home products is rich category, combined with this year home fashion trend, journalist summarized the ten most popular smart function for consumers.


Smart Family Security and Protection System


       Security Guards at home to protect your home anytime with high definition, human body infrared sensor, magentic contacts, smoke transducer and gas sensor. Once there happened a fire hazard or gas leak, it will pop-up on your phone screen, receiving message, get a alarming phone and boot safe mode, reject dangerous happen. You phone can be connected with your high definition camera at home, you can see your home anytime and anywhere, you also can talk with your parents and children in real time through one-touch calling. Far away from home but love is around.


Intelligent Light Control System

 Follow your heart, painting life with light


       Connected the Smart Home Switch and smart controller, you can control all light switch in any rooms, no need to come and back. You also can control the light switch and brightness etc through set the scene memory mode, control the lighting mode of living room, dining room and hall. With the advantages of adjusting lighting function, timing function and  scene function etc in smart lighting system, the lighting will be flowing and colorful. You are have not only one selection for turning on the light, but also can through auto-induction, timing, sound control. It can save energy follow your heart, lighting your colorful quality life with lighting.


 Central Management System

 Contrl by on button, hold the home in hand


       Super Brainhelps to manage home, concentrating to manage all equipments at home,  appliances lighting, multi-media, mobile communication will not work separately, more smart, more convenience; remote contrl by mobile, you can see, hear and touch everything at home even you are not at home. Home is in your hands no matter where you are! Diagnosing appliances accurately, knowing the breakdown in time; home environment with intelligent test and fully controlling the security.


 Smart Appliances


        Obviously, the most important thing need to do is the experience of difference for this kind of smart products, the exist traditional appliances let the consumers have more choices after all. This kind of products include: smart toothbrush, smart kettle, smart coffeemaker, smart air conditioner, smart refrigerator, smart dish-washing machine and robotic vacuum cleaner etc.


Home Entrance Guard System

forget to take key, door also open for you


       Smart door lock automatic identification can recognize your body language of opening door, open the door and light the light then heat up water for you. Going back home is so warm. You can open the door in long-distance when your relative coming and ask him to come in and waiting. You can video with your friends when your friends visiting you and you are not at home. The way of entertaining guests is let the visitors visit succeed.


Home Appliance Control System

home appliances control by one equipment, personalized life decided by yourself


Personalization: Control all home appliances and switch any scene without limit through mobile phone.

Timing Preset: Timing preset appliances on and off time, fully enjoy personalized life quality.

Gang Control: Blending light and music etc system and make your life more quality and taste.

Remote Control: Booting heating air-conditioner equipment at home in long-distance, enjoying the privilege of“warm in winter and cool in summer”in advance.


 Network Communication System

 you may forget network but it exist anywhere


        Quoted enterprise-class wifi covering technology, covering network everywhere in home, letting your home immerse in the sea of network, one wifi name only, you can connect it automatically anywhere and no need to switch frequently.


 Home Media System

 go to cinema and KTV realized by one button


       Home can be the entertainment center, use Multi-Media entertainment platform, advanced micro-computer technology, wireless remote control technology and infrared remote control technology, with the accurate control of program command, Set-Top-Box,satellite receiver, DVD and computer etc Multi-Channel signal source send to every rooms TV and sound etc terminal equipments according to users’ requirements to realize one equipment Multi-Audiovisual equipment. It can reach your model with one button through controlling projecting screen, projecto lift, video function, high-definition DVD, background music automatically.


 Smart Perceptual System

 know more about you than yourself and perceptual your health status


       All over the home covers temperature and humidity, illuminance,speech recognition, all kinds of people body infrared sensors, induct homes environment status automatically, and operate air conditioner,curtain and central ventilation system etc automatically. Wear smart watch or wristband, you can not only contrl household appliance but also know yourself health situation.


Energy Management System

clear high-efficiency power utilization test with in short time


       As shown the analysis data by the cloud server, home appliances need to be watched via electric, and also given appliances monitoring diagnose sheet for all kinds of appliances, well know the operating situation clearly. It can manage everydays electricity consumption situation, and make a special using electric proposal based on weather and consumers’ behavior habit.


               How to choose Smart Home Products


       Actually, the current smart products we are using just a small part of smart home, the real system of smart home is counter-part system. Start from home improvement, which is a complex smart system. How to install self smart home system, how to choose correct products? Capturing these essentials, to make a fashion intelligent Smart House” with own home style.


 Explicit Need


       First of all, consumer need to clear what you need, what smart. Install smart home products without any purposes will cost more only. Every family has different requirement for the smart life, smart home products has special characteristics, they can be combined anyway to meet different people’s requirement for the smart. And we also can use our money uttermost to do more things.

       Besides the family security and protection, alarming system and intelligent illumination system are the essential part for most families, we also can install smart home products based on our special requirements. Fox example, the family have the fan of movie or music, we can choose to install family entertainment system and background music system etc. Consumers can choose the most suit smart home products based on self needing and money.


 Choosing Brand


        You will compare and choose the seller of smart home products after you are clear what you want. At this moment, you maybe face to the direct smart home products manufacturer, choose a good smart home band manufacturer is a good way to avoid risk. Consumer need to try to choose the products produced by some big brand manufacturers, it will let you save worry and feel relieved.


 Technological Updating


        With the technology innovation, the upgrade of smart home products is very frequent. Suggesting consumer need to keep an eye on the technology upgrading, products compaticity and what’s the extensibility, especially the products are compaticity each other when buying products.


 Install and Construction


       The install of smart home products need professional construction technician to in-door installation, in order to avoid influencing future using, consumer need to choose the good products and need to choose a professional and trained construction team as well.


 After-Sale Service


       After-sale Service influence the future using, for smart home new market which is still need to be improved, the After-Sale Service status is different for each manufacturer, dealer and agent, many products has no national standard limit, in order to avoid future trouble, consumers must need to choose the products has the after-sale service guarantee.

                             High Quality and Inexpensive


      For the smart home products, different brands value and price has big difference as the leading. For the rich consumer, choosing the big brand luxury without pressure, but the best is to consider previous factors and then decide which one is better in cost performance for the more normal broad consumers, to be a smart consumer of buy the best but not most expensive

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