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Jizhong Technology has "Xi 'an Jizhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." and "Shaanxi Jizhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.", registered address: Jizhong Science and Technology Industrial Park, No. 1309 Shanglinyuan 4th Road, Xi 'an High-tech Zone, with a total construction area of 47,000 square meters. Focusing on the technology research and development of data communication and video communication products, the company comprehensively introduces global high-end digital intelligent manufacturing equipment and systems such as ASM, Samsung, Shimadzu, Panasonic, Agilent, PAMI SPI, Mirte AOI, etc. Combined with MES, ERP, ShopFloor, WMS, RFID, POMS and other intelligent manufacturing information platforms, the company has built a 20,000m2 intelligent manufacturing factory. It can support data terminals (smart home gateway) and video terminals (4K smart terminal) of operators such as Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Radio and Television.


Core team - technology research and development center

◆ R&D team:Seven R&D project teams are composed of R&D team,with strong product software development ability and hardware development ability.
◆ Project management:Process-oriented management of R&D projects through the R&D management platform;Including the establishment of technical solutions,the determination of technical indicators,software and hardware development completed verification,certification,small batch mass production of the whole process;Ensure project implementation,delivery and quality.
◆ Industry advantages:the company has been engaged in data and video transmission,access processing industry for 20 years,accumulated rich experience,obtained a number of patents and software,with the advantage of in-depth integration of industry technology;The company's strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign chip manufacturers strengthens Jizhong's ability to integrate resources in the fields of data,video and Internet of Things.The company has been serving large operators at home and abroad for a long time,and the frontier technology market is stable.


Core team - intelligent manufacturing center

◆ Intelligent manufacturing equipment based on Industry 4.0 standard:Jizhong Intelligent Manufacturing Center has perfect equipment and process;Adopt global high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment and system,advanced SMT intelligent SMT line,supporting flexible lean package production line and automated test system,to build an intelligent manufacturing center to meet the requirements of mass production;
◆ Innovative industry digital information intelligent manufacturing platform:POMS intelligent manufacturing information platform provides real-time interconnection of information flow for production management,traceability of personnel,materials,equipment,fixture and anti-dumbness monitoring of process process.Industry digitization and intelligent manufacturing capability.
Jizhong Industrial Automation and Informatization Team constantly promote technological progress and innovation,to build an intelligent manufacturing center based on Industry 4.0 standard;To provide customers with excellent quality,perfect service experience,timely delivery and flexibility;With industry 4.0 as the direction,we will continue to stride forward to intelligent manufacturing 2025.


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No.1309, Shanglinyuan 4th Road, high tech Zone, Xi'an City


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